Warmachine: Infernals - Shrieker Light Horror

Warmachine: Infernals - Shrieker Light Horror

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There exist horrors of various sizes and capabilities, and some of the most disturbing ones are those that are less physically imposing. These beings possess formidable weaponry but also often torment their victims needlessly, as if suffering has value to their masters. Shriekers emit a terrifying high-pitched sound as they strike from a distance, a sonic attack that overwhelms mortal senses and pulverizes internal organs.

When the Infernals need a tool to deal with massed infantry, the Shrieker is the Horror for the job. The main feature is its powerful ranged weapon, Spectral Fire, which can hit multiple enemy models, making it excellent for removing chaff infantry as well as clearing space. It also has Wailing, making it difficult for nearby models to receive orders or cast spells. Ancilliary Attack from the Wretch (PIP38007) can make this model a true threat to enemy infantry forces.


Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Some assembly may be required.