Warmachine: Infernals - Foreboder Lesser Horror

Warmachine: Infernals - Foreboder Lesser Horror

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There exist horrors of various sizes and capabilities, and some of the most disturbing ones are those that are less physically imposing. The very appearance of these creatures is an assault on the mind - it can shatter sanity and fray nerves. The Foreboder serves as a conduit for the power of its infernal master, and the presence of one of these floating beings is accompanied by a sensation of mental oppression. It glows with sickening radiance, which provides a brief forewarning before unholy magic is sent through it.

The Foreboder is a simple Lesser Horror that acts primarily as a Channeler for your Infernal Masters, dramatically increasing the range of your spells. Cheap and easy to summon, the Foreboder has a home in any list that favors long-range spell casting, like Agathon (September release) and Zaateroth (October release).


Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Some assembly may be required.