War of Three Kingdoms: The Card Game

War of Three Kingdoms: The Card Game

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Based on the hit Japanese video game, Sangokushi Taisen by SEGA, War of Three Kingdoms: The Card Game takes place during a legendary period in history where the kingdoms of Wei, Shu, and Wu openly warred for control of ancient China. Now you have the chance to build your chosen kingdom by strategically selecting the heroic Generals and Tactics that will lead you to victory over your rivals. Utilizing your Army, lay siege to your opponent’s Wall and bring it crashing down to establish your dominion over the land.


- Gorgeously illustrated card game

- Ancient Chinese Fantasy Theme

- Strategic Deck Construction

- Competitive Gameplay


  • 100 Wei Faction Cards
  • 100 Shu Faction Cards
  • 100 Wu Faction Cards
  • 1 Rulebook