Victoriana RPG: Streets of Shadow (PREORDER)

Victoriana RPG: Streets of Shadow (PREORDER)

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Dangers lurk in the shadows of the Smoke—and some of the most dangerous are stirring at the wrong time. With the war in the Crimea going badly for the British, the rumor of conscription has sent anarchists into the street. Against the backdrop of social unrest and increasing danger, a web of troubles grows—culminating in a fearsome threat to the entire city.
Streets of Shadow is a decalogy of adventures that take the characters from a mysterious mining dispute in Northern England to numerous threats within the city, all woven together in a web of coincidence and connection. Three of the ten adventures have been previously published for the first edition of Victoriana, but are now fully compatible with Victoriana Second Edition Core Rulebook and integrated with the other seven adventures in the campaign.

- Ten adventures that can be run individually or strung together to create a complete campaign
- Six pregenerated characters let new players jump right in
- Plenty of crunch, including additional rules and new Beastman subtypes, creatures, and spells
- Compatible with the hit Airship Pirates RPG!