Ultra Pro Deck Box: Suede Collection - Alcove Tower (Jet)

Ultra Pro Deck Box: Suede Collection - Alcove Tower (Jet)

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Ultra PRO's premium Suede Collection debuts with new accessories!

These deck boxes feature a suede-like material that is soft to the touch, with a durable and improved inner shell for long-lasting durability.

Our ever-popular Alcove Tower now features a new locking mechanism and sturdier structure to make sure your cards are securely protected when you're on the go.

Features A new locking system to ensure your investment stays safe. 

- Lid stays securely closed with multiple strong magnets, coupled with new locking mechanism 
- Dual thumb notches for easy access to cards. 
- Houses 100 double-sleeved cards 
- Pull out tray for dice and tokens


*No cards or sleeves included