Transformers TCG: Titan Masters Attack Booster Box

Transformers TCG: Titan Masters Attack Booster Box

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Collect heads and bodies of TRANSFORMERS characters and customize them to fit your play style.

Titan Master Characters: Mix and match heads and bodies to customize Titan Masters to fit your playstyle. Head characters give bonuses to the body, and when the body is KOed, the head deploys as a separate bot mode character.

The Wreckers: The fan-favorite Autobot special-forces team make their debut in Titan Masters Attack. Led by Sergeant Kup, the Wreckers get the toughest jobs done, no matter what the cost.

Stratagem cards: This completely new card type lets players customize characters on their team. Stratagems in Titan Masters Attack can modify characters from this booster release or from previous releases.

Fortress Maximus: Every sealed Titan Masters Attack booster display includes a Fortress Maximus Titan pack. This pack contains the titan-sized Fortress Maximus character, his head character Cerebros, and Cerebros’ head character, Emissary.

• 6 Battle Cards
• 2 Foil TRANSFORMERS Character Cards (1 Large Body and 1 Small Head) OR 1 Large Foil TRANSFORMERS Character Card and 1 Small Stratagem Card

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  • 5
    Transformers tcg

    Posted by Dave M on Jun 24th 2020

    Got some great stuff

  • 4
    Great product!

    Posted by Jay McFarlane on Jun 18th 2020

    Placed my order and got it quicker than expected. Box was still mint & sealed which is great, however this DOES NOT come with the Perceptor card box promos unfortunately. Overall though very happy with my purchase!

  • 5
    Titan Masters Attacks

    Posted by Alan on Jun 14th 2020

    Great packaging. Every thing here and in great shape. Wave 5 bring not just new characters but stratagems, gimmicks (Titan Masters aka Head Masters), and battle cards that transform an already staple of a card game into some near magical. Stratagems or no, these new characters may have you trying to characters you never thought about playing you got 8 to 12 months ago! This adds new play to an already wonderful and fun table collectable card game seen as a staple for nearly a year and a half now! 7 SRTs to chase and some amazing promos, I suggest to try and chase them down if you can! Thanks guys!

  • 5
    Titan Masters Attacks

    Posted by Alan on Jun 14th 2020

    Man, the packaging was a little tight but everything was fine and this adds a whole neat new twist on already a near staple game. Transformers TCG released Fall of 2018 has entranced many followers already. Each wave brings something new to the table with each iteration. Wave 5 doesn't fail. New characters comes new abilities, new gimmicks and stratagems. Again, like wave 4, the real meat and potatoes are the new battle cards and mechanics which continues to add and make slight changes to an already fun collectible card game. From the new great promos (try to obtain!) And the 7 SRTs... Wizards has struck gold again. These new characters make have you pulling out older characters you haven't thought of playing since you got them 8 to 12 months ago! The Transformers TCG just changed yet again.

  • 4
    Transformers tcg titan masters attack booster box

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 11th 2020

    Great set everything was fine. Only 4 stars because it doesn't come with the buy a box promos preceptor and convex.