Tokaido: Deluxe Edition (DAMAGED)

Tokaido: Deluxe Edition (DAMAGED)

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Welcome to the Tokaido, the legendary East Sea Road connecting Kyoto to Edo. Collect the most beautiful souvenirs, discover glorious vistas, enjoy enriching encounters, soak in soothing hot springs, and sample sumptuous cuisine on your path to enlightenment! From Antoine Bauza, designer of 7 Wonders, comes Tokaido, an exciting, elegant game of smart moves and collections. Complete with the Crossroads expansion, 35 playable character tiles, and a music CD to enhance the ambience, among other augmented features and improved components, this Collector's Edition of Tokaido allows you to savor your journey even more while unveiling new secrets such as lucky charms, lovely calligraphy, or you can even try your luck in the Yakuza game rooms.


*Box has some cosmetic damage. Please see picture for detail.

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