Tiny Epic Pirates: Crimson Silver Mini-Expansion

Tiny Epic Pirates: Crimson Silver Mini-Expansion

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The TEP Crimson Silver Mini Expansion introduces new Floating Fortresses and Silver as a new resource!

Players are able to visit the Floating Fortresses as they move around the board and perform upgraded versions of Trade, Plunder, and Crew Up. Players may also lay siege to these Fortresses for additional rewards. But beware, the Floating Fortresses have a contract with the Royal Navy and if any Pirates show their dirty face around there, the Navy will be on their tail!

Even with the threat of the Navy though, the precious Silver these markets are known for is simply too alluring to avoid. A lot of blood as been spilled over this Silver. So much that it's known around these seas as Crimson Silver.

The Crimson Silver mini expansion adds:

2 Floating Fortress Tokens
2 Solo Pirate Mats
9 Shiny Cubes
6 Deluxe Crew Cards