Thunderbirds: Above and Beyond Expansion

Thunderbirds: Above and Beyond Expansion

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The Hood's schemes are more deadly than ever before in this second expansion for the Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game by Matt Leacock. International Rescue must develop their skills and learn to work together under pressure to thwart his dastardly wiles. Fortunately certain rescues will help their worldwide operation and save even more human lives. 


  • Rule book
  • 4 new ways to play the game:
  • 5 new level 5 scheme cards
  • 18 Tarot sized character cards, enabling characters to level up skills during the game
  • 10 iconic disaster vehicle models and 10 disaster vehicle cards, that gives an alternate reward for averting disasters.
  • A sand timer to play a timed version called crisis mode
  • Blank scheme, disaster, event and F.A.B. Cards to create your own.
  • Also extra F.A.B. And event cards

Requires the Thunderbirds board game to play and is compatible with both other expansions Tracy Island and The Hood.