The War of the Worlds: Japan

The War of the Worlds: Japan

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The War of the Worlds is directly based on the famous novel by H.G. Wells!

The War of the Worlds is a solitaire game. You take on the role of commanding the Japans military forces in a desperate attempt to defeat the invading Martian Tripods, while the game system controls the Martian forces!

The War of the Worlds is played on a strategic map of Japan. When Martian Tripods and human military forces enter the same Zone, you resolve battle on a tactical map. Deploy your guns, infantry, and cavalry to hold back the Tripods before they devastate all of Japan!

Unique to Japan is smaller-scale, more tactical battles that occur. Waves have fewer Tripods, you produce fewer resources, and every die roll and move must be done with care. To help, Japan has Futabatel, Emperor Mutsuhito, and Shigenobu Okuma. Unfortunately, you must also contend with earthquakes and cholera!


  • 112 Cards
  • 4 Counter Sheets
  • 30 Plastic Counter Stands
  • 2 Land and Sea Battle Sheets
  • 2 Custom Dice
  • 1 Mounted Tactical Display (25.5" x 22")
  • Rulebook