The Other Side: Abyssinia - Crow Runners

The Other Side: Abyssinia - Crow Runners

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Most Abyssinians who serve in the military spend at least a portion of their enlistment as Crow Runners. Crow Runners make up a significant portion of the Abyssinian army’s vanguard, but they also serve as scouts and infiltrators. They are competent skirmishers, taking advantage of their lightweight armor to engage and disengage at will. In combat, Crow Runners focus on disrupting their foes to weaken them before the main Abyssinian forces hit.

On the tabletop, Crow Runners are one of the cheapest combat units available to the Abyssinians. They are well balanced, offering speed, defenses, and a variety of forms of attack. This Squad works well on the fringes of the battle, harassing enemy troops and hitting the enemy early to disrupt their plans.


Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.