The Grimm Forest

The Grimm Forest

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Can you outwit your friends and build three houses before anyone else? Seek help from legendary fairy tale characters and avoid the cunning creatures that lurk in the forest to become the greatest builder in the land!

  1. Secretly choose one of the Gather Locations. If more than one Pig goes to the same location, you must share resources. If you end up alone, you get everything!
  2. Play your Friend and Fable cards wisely to change the outcome of the Gather Cards to your advantage.
  3. Use the collected resources to build houses on your Player board. The first player to build three houses wins!


  • 4 Gather Location Boards
  • 45 House Sections
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 45 Single Resource Tokens
  • 15 Mega Resource Tokens
  • 4 Pig Miniatures
  • 1 Starting Player Miniature
  • 6 Creature Miniatures
  • 56 Fable Cards
  • 25 Friend Cards
  • 16 Gather Cards
  • 4 Player Aids

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    Cute Family Gateway Game

    Posted by Lolsrcuter on Jun 18th 2019

    Easy mechanics, little-to-no downtime between turns, very pretty art and minis, easy to understand for everyone
    Cons: Simplistic gameplay
    When I played this game with the optimal number of 4 players I and the 2 other people playing it liked it overall, 1 player out of the 4 of us found it boring as they thought it suffered from king-making moves. The game;s components are lovingly detailed and high quality. The cards are nice and thick and the game’s organizing trays are pretty cool. It’s a game I would crack open for brand new people who I’m trying to get into gaming for, but I would say a slightly complex game that’s strongly similar to this and also supports more players would be City of Horror. Will I plan on keeping this/playing again? Yes, but only for the absolute newbies. This is essentially the “chutes and ladders” worker placement gateway game