The Expanse

The Expanse

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The Expanse is a game of politics, conquest, and intrigue as players spread their influence throughout the solar system.

Will the U.N. or the Martian forces control the resources of the Belt? Will the O.P.A. overthrow their yoke of oppression and be free of outside control? Will Protogen succeed with their mysterious experiments?

You represent one of these factions and with your efficient use of actions and special abilities, will decide the rule of the solar system. The Expanse immerses you in this exciting universe with images and events of the hit Syfy series


  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Rocinante Mat
  • 1 Rocinante Token
  • 70 Cards
  • 76 Influence Cubes
  • 18 Fleet Tokens
  • 4 Faction Mats
  • 2 Battleship Tokens
  • 2 Scrap Ship Tokens
  • 2 Protomolecule Tokens
  • 6 Bonus Sector Scoring Tokens
  • 4 Initiative Tokens
  • 1 Rule Book