Star Wars: Legion - Phase II Clone Troopers Unit Expansion

Star Wars: Legion - Phase II Clone Troopers Unit Expansion

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Expand your Republic armies with the Phase II Clone Troopers Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion! Phase II clone trooper armor reflected one of the Republic’s greatest technological successes and included advanced tactical gear that further augmented the clone troopers' individual strengths. Additionally, the clones wearing thisarmor were themselves better trained and more experienced than those first deployed at the start of the war.

Within this expansion, you’ll find everything you need to deploy an elite corps unit of Phase II Clone Troopers, including seven Phase II Clone Trooper miniatures featuring a variety of customization options.In addition to their DC-15A blaster rifles and the standard Z-6 Trooper Heavy weapon variant, you can also add a Phase II Trooper with a mortar launcher to your unit for an even wider array of weaponry.


- A Galactic Republic Unit Expansion for Star Wars:Legion

- Seven unpainted, finely detailed Phase II Clone Troopers enter battle with enhanced armor and abilities

- Four unpainted, uniquely-sculpted Phase II Clone Trooper miniatures and a Phase II Clone Trooper unit leader miniature carry the standard issue DC-15A blaster rifles and feature multiple customization options

- A Z-6 Phase II Trooper and Phase II Mortar Trooper make the Galactic Republic’s weapon pool even more diverse

- New armor makes Phase II Clone Troopers more reliable than earlier versions

- Fully outfit your clone troopers with six upgrade card


Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Some assembly may be required.