Star Wars LCG: Lure of the Dark Side Force Pack (Clearance)

Star Wars LCG: Lure of the Dark Side Force Pack (Clearance)

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Secretive agents and commandos work in the shadows to undermine the Empire's authority. To combat these and other threats, those that have fallen under the sway of the dark side of the Force wage a covert war. The allure of power draws these individuals together under the sway of the emperor.

The Lure of the Dark Side Force Pack continues the Echoes of the Force cycle, exploring the power of the Force and its impact on the galaxy. With the ten objective sets (two copies each of five different objective sets) included in this Force Pack, you'll learn even more of the true power of the Force. Join heroes like Dash Rendar and General Crix Madine and resist the lure of the dark side, or take the quick and easy path, claiming the power of rage and hate!

Contains Objective Sets 102-106.