Star Wars LCG: Darkness & Light Force Pack (Clearance)

Star Wars LCG: Darkness & Light Force Pack (Clearance)

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Darkness and Light is the final Force Pack in the "Echoes of the Force" cycle for Star Wars LCG.

Darkness and Light continues the cycle's progression into the mysteries of the Force with ten new objective sets (two copies each of five different sets). These objective sets put you in cockpit of an Imperial Navy fighter, offer the allure of a Sith cult, or allow you to impersonate a deity with C-3PO in exchange for some native support.

The Echoes of the Force cycle draws to a close, and each of the affiliations of Star Wars LCG explore the new possibilities and tactics offered by these cards. Whether you work with Jedi to protect the innocent from the dark side, or you dive deep into the slimiest schemes within Jabba's palace, you'll find the tools you need to make exciting new decks and explore new strategies. These 60 fixed cards were designed to to augment your decks.

Contains Objective Sets 122-126.