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Reach into the skies of brain-busting creativity!

Consisting of 32 magnetic design pieces featuring either five or three magnetic points, this fascinating conundrum will have you twisting, flipping, and discovering whole new angles of geometric connectivity.

Take the Star-Ball Challenge and, using the polarity dots, try to combine the five-legged stars with the "tri" pieces to solve the problem of putting together the basic ball.

(It's more challenging than you might think once you add repelling magnets to the equation.)

Then, start experimenting to see how many more unique structures you can create. You can even combine it with any of the other Roger Von Oech's puzzles for even more possibilities!

Geometry and magnetism combine into one intense, brain-busting challenge when kids start building and exploring the Roger Von Oech's Star-Ball.

Roger Von Oech's Star-Ball

  • Unique magnetic brainteaser featuring an intense, geometric challenge
  • Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, logic, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity
  • A geometric conundrum with endless creative construction possibilities
  • Start by solving the puzzle of connecting the 32 pieces into the form of a ball
  • Creatively explore other geometric forms and patterns
  • Includes 32 magnetic design pieces with either 3 magnetic points or 5 magnetic points
  • Fully compatible with other Roger Von Oech's puzzles for further creative construction possibilities
  • High quality design and materials – Exceptional puzzle-solving adventure