Something Wild! Star Wars - Darth Vader

Something Wild! Star Wars - Darth Vader

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Something Wild! Star Wars Original Trilogy Card — Darth Vader Game

"Something Wild! Star Wars Original Trilogy" is a fast-paced, light card game for the whole family! Featuring a collectible Darth Vader figure, as well as your favorite characters from the world of Star Wars. Power Cards add a fun twist to this new-classic, set-making card game. Combine multiple games to add more character cards, more Pop! figures, and more powers to your game!

Interesting Gameplay Features:

- One Pocket Pop! Darth Vader figure that lets you use Powers!
- Nine of your favorite Star Wars: Original Trilogy characters in full color card art
- Power Cards help you complete sets in new ways!
- Use the Force to guess upcoming cards — guess correctly and get rewards!


  • 45 Character Cards
  • 10 Power Cards
  • 1 Pop! Figure
  • Instructions