Seasons: Enchanted Kingdom Expansion

Seasons: Enchanted Kingdom Expansion

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To your places, mages, and prepare to face new challenges!

Deep in the heart of the Argos forest, the Tournament of the 12 Seasons is getting underway where a battle of wits is being waged between the greatest sorcerers from across the kingdom. During their desperate struggle to become the new Archmage of Xidit, competitors are rightfully wary of the powerful enchantments that still linger here - the age-old remnants of the Far Time when the gods still walked the land.

Seasons: Enchanted Kingdoms, the first expansion for Seasons, includes two copies each of 20 new power cards, 10 enchantment cards, 12 special ability tokens that fit into the hole on a player board - so that wasn't just kooky graphic design, but rather foreshadowing! - and additional other material, such as two replacement cards that have received errata in newer editions of Seasons.


  • 40 Power Cards
  • 10 Enchantment Cards
  • 12 Special Ability Tokens
  • 16 Energy Tokens
  • 2 "Raven" Tokens
  • 1 "First Player" Token
  • 2 "Bespelled Grimoire" Energy Reserve Expansions
  • 7 "Decreased Energy Reserve" Tokens