Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge - Season 3 Expansion

Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge - Season 3 Expansion

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Play as the Sailor Scouts to defeat the Dark Kingdom and the Black Moon. Square off in one-on-one dice battles or team up for larger action. Players roll dice to fight enemies and gain points. The first person to win three rounds wins the game!


  • 12 new character cards, each featuring a hero or villain from Season 3 of the Sailor Moon Crystal series 
  • 18 polyhedral dice - three colored sets (pink, purple, and black) of six different dice types 
  • 21 cardboard die-cut tokens representing special abilities, coins, and summoned Daimon 
  • a plastic card holders and custom Pretty Guardians lanyard for social portable play 
  • 4 challenge cards to advertise that you are ready for a combat challenge, each featuring a super-deformed season 3 Pretty Guardians character

Note: Season III requires the Dice Challengers Base Game to play