Runequest RPG: The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories

Runequest RPG: The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories

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Into the Wild

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories contains ready-to-play adventures for RuneQuest, taking adventurers across the untamed South Wilds, a region filled with reclusive villagers, ancient ruins, beast folk, troll spirits, undead, wolf-brothers, dinosaurs, monstrous mercenary companies, living trees, surly river spirits, and worse!

Inside, you’ll find:

The South Wilds, a description of this dangerous, mysterious region

The Wild Temple, the secrets of this sacred Beast Man shrine and its inhabitants

The Smoking Ruin, a full-length adventure taking adventurers into haunted streets of the Smoking Ruin in search of a lost artifact

The Lost Valley, a secluded refuge hotly contested over by its neighbors

Urvantan’s Tower, a full-length adventure in which the fate of the Lost Valley is decided

The Grove of Green Rock, a serialized adventure taking place over a span of years