Reykholt (On Sale)

Reykholt (On Sale)

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In Iceland, you can climb volcanoes, marvel at the aurora borealis, count sheep, and eat delicious tomatoes. Thanks to geothermal energy Iceland is a vegetable paradise. Players take on the role of vegetable farmers to build a livelihood in beautiful Iceland! But with all the tourism around the natural wonders, competition to have the best vegetables is fierce!

- Create a productive garden in Iceland! 
- Harvest fresh vegetables in your greenhouses! 
- Can you fulfill the orders of the hungry tourists to win the game?


  • 1 double-sided game board with action spaces and the Tourism Track
  • 8 Game Round Tiles
  • 40 goods tiles for 3 goods each
  • 1 Covering Tile for 3 player game
  • 5 cardboard boxes for goods
  • 1 Start Player card
  • 160 wooden vegetables
    • 40 red tomatoes
    • 36 green lettuce
    • 32 brown mushrooms
    • 28 white cauliflowers
    • 24 orange carrots
  • 4 Managers (in the 4 player colors)
  • 4 player cards (in the 4 player colors) with a turn overview
  • 12 workers
    • (3 discs each in the 4 player colors blue, yellow, black, and pink)
  • 36 Service cards
    • Comprised of 5 sets of letters A-E
  • 1 sticker sheet for the worker discs
  • 23 Greenhouse cards
  • 34 Story Mode cards
    • Consisting of Scenario, Event, and Story cards

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    Posted by Andrea Schoedel on Mar 12th 2019

    The quality of the components are phenomenal. (Although the text on the board could have been bolder and larger.) I was expecting this to be a bit heavier. Reykholt is a very lite weight worker placement. I still enjoy the game and believe that this will be a great gateway to heavier worker placement games. There is also a story mode with event cards that adds a new element to the experience. There are plenty of variations in the "service" cards to explore different combos and strategies.