Revelations (PREORDER)

Revelations (PREORDER)

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How well do you think you know your loved ones, and how well do they know you? How would you react if you found out that "Your friends think your mom is hot"? Would you feel "Pride", "Disgust", or "Amusement"?
In this cooperative game, choose the emotion you feel best represents your reaction to a given situation, then try to determine how the other players would feel. Keep track of your empathy and knowledge of each other with the empathy track on the gameboard. At the end of the game, evaluate the level of empathy that you and the other players have toward one another.

  • Discover yourself and loved ones through sassy, steamy and witty situations
  • An adult party game with over 300 situations to play through!
  • Each game lasts 30 minutes on average
  • Designed for 2 to 8 player, ages 17 and up
  • 106 Situation cards, 48 Voting cards, 10 Emotion cards, 4 Score Cards, 1 Empathy marker, 1 rulebook