PS3 Quad Charge Base Komodo - Playstation 3 (NEW)

PS3 Quad Charge Base Komodo - Playstation 3 (NEW)

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Charge up to 4 Playstation 3 controllers at the same time! Komodo’s Quad Charge Hub provides four docks for any official or wireless Playstation 3 controller with USB mini-B conductor. Four Built-in LED lights display the charging status, changing from red to blue when the controller is ready for action. When you are not busy gaming, the quad charger hub acts as a convenience storage rack for your unused controllers!

  • Compatible with all PS3 wireless controllers with USB mini-B port, including the 6 axis and dual shock 3.
  • Charges up to 4 controllers simultaneously.
  • Multi colored led lights display charging status.
  • Compact design offers easy storage.
  • Provides hours of reliable gameplay power!

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