Pax Porfiriana: Collector's Edition (3rd Printing)

Pax Porfiriana: Collector's Edition (3rd Printing)

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That doddering old fool, Don Porfiriano Díaz! His days as dictator of Mexico are numbered. He doesn't smell what's coming. But it's coming - a Revolution that could destroy me and all I have worked for.

But maybe I could turn it to my advantage? What if I was to hire some of Pancho Villa's cowboys, and lead them to ransack the Dolores Mine high in the Sierra Madre? Liberate all the Yaqui slaves there? The Germans would be happy to supply the rifles. I could be hailed as a Revolutionary hero, if I can cover up the fact that I am the owner of that mine and the one who enslaved the Indians to begin with.

That greedy American partner of mine, Senator Fall, tours our Chihuahuan holding next month. What if he was to be be seized and publically executed? The American President would be so outraged, he would send in the Marines to occupy northern Mexico. And who would be better to install as the new Governor than me, the faithful partner of the poor victim?

Either way, I'm gonna be the next dictator of Mexico!

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • 220 Cards
  • 60 Disks for Gold
  • 26 Disks for Unrest and Jail
  • 90 Cubes
  • Rules, Analysis, Guides, and Background
  • 1 mounted, folding gameboard, front for Pax Porfiriana and back for Pax Transhumanity