Pathfinder RPG: Ruins of Azlant Dice Set (7)

Pathfinder RPG: Ruins of Azlant Dice Set (7)

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Ancient Azlant was the most advanced human culture that ever existed. Magically and technologically Alzanti society were very well devloped and organised, until their arrogant leaders started to feel as powerful as their inhuman masters - aboleth. Alzanti impertinent behavior has brought disaster to the planet Golarion. Aboleth called down the Starstone, which sink entire continent and condemned the planet. Since then, the devastated continent of Azlant has attracted daredevils to its shores. Only few managed to endure in the ruins of this unasfe mystical land.

A brave expedition has settled a colony on one of the islands on the sea, but the old danger is lurking much closer than expected. An ancient enemy was released from prison by accident. His thousand year-old machines has been reactivated to punish the human race once again. Can the adventurers face the attacker? Will they survive in the distant realm before this enigmatic being realizes his deadly plan?

Roll an official RPG dice and start your tale in Pathifinder universe. Ancient Alzant is another Adventure Path, which include six chapters: The Lost Outpost, Into the Shattered Continent, The Flooded Cathedral, City in the Deep, Tower of the Drowned Dead and Beyond the Veiled Past. Each chapter has an interesting storyline that keeps players in suspense.

Yet again, Paizo Inc. decided to collaborate with Q WORKSHOP to craft this masterpiece dice set, featuring seven polyhedral dice: K4, K6, K8, K10, K12, K20, K100. Beautiful engravement and azure/yellow colorway make them even more eye-catching.  Take part in an incredible story full of monsters, magic and artifacts. Use this Pathfinder RPG dice set and enhance your gaming experience.