Pathfinder RPG 2nd Edition: Deck of Endless NPCs (PREORDER)

Pathfinder RPG 2nd Edition: Deck of Endless NPCs (PREORDER)

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Creating an impromptu, original character every time the heroes enter a shop or chat with a local on the street can be a real challenge, but the Deck of Endless NPCs makes it as simple as drawing four cards from the deck. These cards combine to form a unique NPC, each with their own role, motivation, personality trait, and secret agenda! With over 100 million different combinations, you are sure to get an interesting new character to add to your story every time!

  • 104 NPC cards, plus 6 rules cards explaining how to use the deck.
  • The front of each card has a portrait of the NPC, featuring characters from dozens of ancestries and ethnicities.
  • The back of each card explains the character’s role, goal, traits, and secret agenda, along with symbols to help determine some of the specific details.
  • Includes ancestries from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide, and the Lost Omens Character Guide.

- Suitable for at-the-table generation OR pre-planning your NPCs!
- Similar design to Starfinder’s popular and successfulsDeck of Many Worlds.