Museum Suspects (PREORDER)

Museum Suspects (PREORDER)

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Thief! Sound the alarm and close the doors, quick! One of the museum artifacts has been stolen! The director is relying on you to unmask the thief (or thieves!) hidden among the 16 suspects still in the building. Each turn select a clue, put a price on it, keep track of your investigation in your notebook and suggest a suspect.

Use your bluffing skills to throw off your opponents! After 6 turns, all clues are revealed and the player who bet the most on the real thief wins the game!


  • 24 Suspect Tiles
  • 1 Exit Tile
  • 32 Clue Cards
  • 48 Investigation Tokens
  • 4 Investigator Tokens
  • 4 Pads
  • 4 Pencils
  • Illustrated Rules