Muse: Renaissance

Muse: Renaissance

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Muse is Reimagined in this Renaissance

Muse: Renaissance is a stand alone expansion for the 2 other muse games, allowing you to add more Masterpieces to the game. It also has a brand new individual scoring system.

That’s right; your Muse Experience just got upgraded.

The Active player looks at 2 inspiration cards and chooses one, then they see a Masterpiece card. The player then gives their interpretation of the Inspiration for the card. They then draw 5 random Masterpiece cards and shuffle it in. The rest of the players then secretly choose the Masterpiece they think it is. Everyone who gets it right scores a point, the player giving the clue scores up to 3 points, 1 for each correct answer.

A true challenge to all the players, who are always engaged in the game. Let your Muse guide you to Inspiration and Victory!


  • 84 Masterpiece Cards
  • 50 Inspiration Cards
  • 1 Rule Sheet
  • 96 Victory Point Tokens in 3 denominations
  • 48 Player tokens for Card Choice in 8 Colors