Mistfall: Valskyrr Expansion

Mistfall: Valskyrr Expansion

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The Valskyrr is in peril. The shadows have grown long and the Mists are becoming thicker, their tendrils reaching further than ever before. The forces of destruction are on the move, growing stronger with every day. Now is the time for Heroes to embark on their longest and most dangerous journey, and to forge a saga the likes of which the Valskyrr has never seen before.

Mistfall: Valskyrr Campaign System introduces a new way to play Mistfall: instead of playing each Quest on its own, now you can link them into a multi-session campaign, spanning over four adventures, and ending in an epic conclusion. A new type of Feat, stronger Enemies, and challenging Setting cards await, allowing players to develop their Heroes between Quests, but also making each new adventure more difficult than the previous one.


  • 18 Elite Enemy Cards
  • 20 Campaign Feat Cards
  • 11 Campaign Setting Cards
  • 3 Special Enemy Cards
  • 3 Special Encounter Cards
  • 1 Rules Sheet