Men of Iron - Tri-Pack

Men of Iron - Tri-Pack

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The Men of Iron series has long been popular because of the ease of play and solitaire suitability. Sadly, the early volumes sold out and none had enough support to allow reprinting. However, when the first three volumes were combined into one boxed game with an attractive price-point, this Tri-Pack rapidly reached its reprint level.

- Popular system, well suited to solitaire play. Three out of print games again available.
- Three popular eras showcased (Hundred Years War, the Crusades, and War of the Roses)
- Over 30 battle scenarios — great value for the money
- Bonus Agincourt scenario included.

The game that started it all, Men of Iron, covers the re-emergence of infantry in the early 14th century, along with a more perceptive understanding of the value of combined-arms warfare and the effective use of defensive terrain. The scenarios highlight the key elements that made these battles so fascinating: the defensive power of the longbow, especially when used in coordination with dismounted, or even mounted, men-at-arms. Agincourt covers Henry V's famous victory during the Hundred Years War.

The second volume in the Men of Iron series, Infidel, focuses on the major battles of the early Crusades era between Christians and the Muslims. This is a period that saw cavalry reign supreme and pitted the European mounted, armored men-at-arms - which relied on furious and direct charges with sword and lance - against the Eastern European/Turkish light cavalry tactics - focusing on the efficiency of its mounted archers.

Blood & Roses focuses on the battles of the Wars of the Roses in England, between 1455 and 1487. This was warfare in which most men were truly "of iron", heavily and totally armored to such a point that their mobility was suspect. It also featured the introduction of gunpowder - mostly field artillery - in noticeable numbers. And while many English men-at-arms were mounted, they did so almost entirely for transport. Most fighting was on foot...and it was quite vicious.


  • 6 Maps
  • 7.5 Counter Sheets
  • 1 Series Rulebook
  • 3 Battle Books
  • 8 Player Aid Cards
  • 2 Ten-sided Dice