Mansions of Madness: Beyond the Threshold Expansion (2nd Edition)

Mansions of Madness: Beyond the Threshold Expansion (2nd Edition)

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There are many who, in search of once and future truths, make terrible errors. Among their failed rituals, their bodies twist and change. They become commanded by a will greater than their own, a being for whom no knowledge is considered forbidden. The Lurker at the Threshold is seeking a way to manipulate the world from outside space and time. Only the investigators can find a way to stop the dangerous machinations of Yog-Sothoth or else they may find themselves joining the ranks of mindless servants arrayed against them.

This Beyond the Threshold expansion includes new investigators, new tiles, a new monster, access to two new scenarios, and more, allowing the investgators to pit themselves against the all-knowing Yog-Sothoth.


  • 1 Rulesheet
  • 6 Map Tiles
  • 2 Investigator Cards & Plastic Figures
  • 8 Common Item Cards
  • 1 Unique Item Card
  • 10 Spell Cards
  • 9 Condition Cards
  • 4 Damage Cards
  • 4 Horror Cards
  • 4 Monster Tokens & Plastic Figures
  • 16 Fire/Darkness Tokens
  • 10 Clue Tokens
  • 7 Person Tokens
  • 2 Wall Tokens
  • 4 Key Tokens