KeyForge: Call of the Archons - Archon Deck (Clearance)

KeyForge: Call of the Archons - Archon Deck (Clearance)

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Gather your company of followers with Call of the Archons Archon Decks for KeyForge! Each one-of-a-kind deck is filled with a singular mix of cards, tactics, and strategic potential and cannot be altered, challenging you to use every tool at your disposal to achieve victory. Will your teams have the strength, skills, and cunning to win the day?

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  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Zackary on Nov 24th 2018

    This is a great game. Whether you just want to get one deck or a bunch they will be unique and the play style is unique

  • 3

    Posted by Amano on Nov 17th 2018

    The names of the decks can be pretty funny, cool, or boring. The decks are built from 3 different factions, like a permanent shuffle built deck. The infinite combinations yield one of two decks, one unfocused, and one well focused. I find that no matter what deck I play, I play much the same - Hold nothing back, playing all cards for a faction to maximize the end of turn draw. Familiarity with the cards helps a lot, as is taking a quick peek at the opponent's deck. The chains system will definitely be necessary for formal play; it'll be interesting to see implementation. At the tournament I played in upon release, nothing special was done, and certain decks dominated. That said, skill definitely counts. I'm told there's a format best 2 of 3, and we'd swap decks. We tried that between games, and that definitely makes a difference: Skill does count. My only real reason for giving this 3 stars rather than 4 is the extremely poor token implementation: Seriously, was this play tested?! No shield tokens? Ugh. Suggestion: Bring your own life and amber tokens, then use the punch board amber as shields - works well until I find something better. Also, the chains circle punch board token is best used on your deck list card, as the means of indicating the faction you're using on your turn. I really don't see how they couldn't include such an obvious addition to the set. The game is good, but for all the hype about it, the experimental effort has some definite room for improvement.