Jungli-La (PREORDER)

Jungli-La (PREORDER)

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City of Gold? Race-Ya

Each player in Jungli-la is a daring explorer, progressing through the dangers of the jungle in search of the fabled village of gold. However, the jungle is full of obstacles to overcome, and moving forward blindly will be a fatal endeavor. Move swiftly, but make sure you gain assistants that can sponsor your expedition and increase your glory.

Roll dice to gather supplies, move deeper into the jungle, enlist the services of assistants in your quest...and of course collect treasure!


  • 30 Discovery Cards 
  • 30 Treasure Cards 
  • 5 Player Reference Mats 
  • 5 Player Pawns 
  • 75 Resource Tokens 
  • 36 Letter Tokens 
  • 10 Wagon Cards 
  • 10 Dice 
  • 1 Rulebook