Infinity: Panoceania/Nomads Beyond Icestorm Expansion Pack

Infinity: Panoceania/Nomads Beyond Icestorm Expansion Pack

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  •  PanOceania - 1x Kamau, Amphibious Intervention Teams (HMG); 1x Swiss Guard (HMG); 1x NeoTerra Bolts (Paramedic) 
  •  Nomads - 1x Hellcats (Spitfire); 1x Intruder, Corregidor Assault Commandos (MULTI Sniper Rifle); 1x Kriza Boracs, Tunguska Crisis Special Unit (MK12) 


Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.


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    Good Price but deceptive

    Posted by Andrew Beatty on Mar 16th 2018

    Gamenerdz still has the Beyond Icestorm box listed as coming with a bonus miniature. This is not the case and this wording should have been removed long ago, if this mini did not come with the set.

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    -1 star for Bolt Paramedic

    Posted by Andrew Miller on Sep 18th 2017

    All of the sculpts are awesome, the Hellcat especially. The PanO antennae are a PITA as always, but otherwise assembly wasn't too much of a bear.

    All three of the Nomad Models are awesome and useful additions to almost any Nomad force, and definitely make up for the Nomad half of the base Operation Icestorm kind of stinking in comparison to the PanO half.

    The PanO Models are more of a mixed bag in terms of in game effectiveness. The Swiss Guard HMG is one of the most powerful units in the whole game (though I got him killed by a surprise attack with a flame thrower the first time I used him, due to my tactical ineptitude). The Kamau would be considered a superb model in any faction other than PanO, but in PanO he has to compete with the Bulleteer Spitfire and is therefore more situational. Finally we come to the reason I gave this product 4 stars instead of 5.
    Either to try to make up for giving Nomads the crummy Grenzer and Reverend Healer in base Icestorm, or just because Corvus Belli is incredibly lazy in terms of the design philosophy for PanO, they were stuck with this dust collector. It combines a unit that is already much maligned by the PanO community, and combines it with a role that medium infantry are particularly bad at (medic). The sculpt is nice, so if CB ever comes to their senses and gives Bolts the Engineer option that people have been begging for, it might see some use.

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    This box is so good!

    Posted by Spenser on Sep 18th 2017

    Great selection of models. That Swiss Guard is probably one of my top Infinity sculpts, ever.

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    Pretty Good

    Posted by Brian Lehman on Sep 16th 2017

    I like the other beyond set more, but the Intruder in this one is my favorite model of all. A couple I don't fancy, but pretty good stuff and the pre-order bounty-hunter was the cooler exclusive miniature compared to the other set.

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    Infinity: Panoceania Nomads Beyond Icestorm Expansion Pack

    Posted by Emery Calame on Sep 16th 2017

    This is a nice set of three troops each for PanOceania & the Nomads that will, with the Operation IceStorm Infinity Starter set, give you two complete 300 point forces. Nomads get a new Corregidor Intruder sniper, a Corregidor Hellcat jump trooper, and a new heavy trooper from the rarely represented Tunguska. PanOceanea gets an elite Swiss Guard a Bolts medic, and a Kamau which is a water deployed commando something like a US Navy Seal. Preorders will come with a neat bounty hunter with two pistols to join a sideline mercs collection. They look great, are easier to assemble thana lot of prior Infinity miniatures, & you can download free game scenarios & stats for them, & the original Operation Icestorm figures at