Infinity: Combined Army First Contact Onyx Force 300 Point Army Pack

Infinity: Combined Army First Contact Onyx Force 300 Point Army Pack

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The Onyx Contact Forces are the representatives of the EI to new races and civilizations, designated for operations in remote locations without immediate support.

Composed of a selection of the best elite units from the Combined Army, the Onyx Contact Forces are an advanced combat group designed to perform aggressive “annexation-or-death” diplomatic actions.


Large Box with:

  • 1x UMBRA LEGATE (K1 Combi Rifle)
  • 1x MAAKREP TRACKER (MULTI Sniper Rifle)
  • 1x FRAACTA (Combi Rifle)
  • 1x RODOK (2 Light Shotguns)
  • 1x RODOK Hacker (EI Assault Hacking Device) (Boarding Shotgun)
  • 1x RODOK (HMG)
  • 1x RODOK Paramedic (MediKit) (Boarding Shotgun)
  • 3x UNIDRON (Plasma Carbine)
  • 1x Q-DRONE (HMG)
  • 1x E-DRONE (Combi Rifle)

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  • 5
    Great Modeks for a great price.

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 17th 2017

    This was a no brained. The value to cost ratio is amazing. Everything arrived in a few days from placing my order. I have and will recommend game nerds for all infinity purchases. The models are absolutely gorgeous.

  • 4
    Excellent Value

    Posted by Mike on Mar 11th 2017

    For something that retails at my FLGS for $115, getting this for $63 with free shipping was already a no-brainer. All of the models are useful in an Onyx list. At today's prices (3/10) you are basically getting the Combined Army starter pack ($35: great start to all of you Unidron fireteams, though you will eventually want the Unidron pack for more varied loadouts, the Legate and Sygmaa units are good adds to many lists), the remotes pack ($28: this is incredibly useful with any combination of remotes possible that you can actually field... you may even need another box if you plan to run more than 2 remotes at a time), and the Rodok pack ($32: this will be your main fireteam until you get more Unidrons or proxy for the ones you need, and even then a Rodok fireteam has it's advantages) for $70.

    In general, Infinity minis are just gorgeous, and these are no exception. The detail is exquisite. However, one of my drone's legs was snapped in half when I opened it (-1 star). It took me a long time to figure out how to put them together since I didn't realize that leg should not have been in two separate pieces. It was an easy enough fix once I saw pictures of just opened drone boxes, though.

    Final verdict: A must buy and a bargain for anyone running an Onyx Sectorial and it's probably not half bad even if you are running vanilla.

  • 5
    Great Start

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 22nd 2016

    This is a great start to building your Combined Army. With a 300 point army ready to go right out of the box for less than $70 you can not go wrong. Figures were easy to assemble and look really nice. Can't wait to paint them and get them on the table.

  • 5
    Great product, and fast shipping.

    Posted by Kyle on Nov 12th 2016

    To be honest I was a bit concerned ordering anything off this site, but I decided to bite the bullet and place the order after reading some somewhat encouraging website reviews on forums. It was delivered within 3 days of me placing my order which was great!

    The only gripe I have, and it's a small one considering the product, but the packaging for shipment was a bit lacking. The package arrived with a large dent in the box. The exterior shipping box was just large enough to fit the box into, so the only protection the box had was a thin piece of paper wrapped around the outside and taped. Obviously this didn't stop the damage to the box, but it is irrelevant considering the contents; however, if this is how ships all of its packages, I would be concerned.

  • 5
    Great deal!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 14th 2016

    This starter set is the best way to get started with the Onyx contact force. The great value you get from this set is huge and a highly recommend it.