Infinity: Combined Army Avatar

Infinity: Combined Army Avatar

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Avatars are the ultimate expression of war machines designed by the Ur Rationalists, designed to host an Aspect of the EI in combat. In this way, it can control first hand what is happening on the battlefield without having to depend on slow organic support. Avatars are equipped with automatic systems and semi-intelligent weapons that make them look like wary predators, even when they are on stand-by or disconnected by the EI. The images taken from the battlefield show them as silhouettes entering and leaving local space, their hulls shining with sequences of particles, scintillating defensive, gravitational and suppression fields, target acquisition and holographic weaponry controls, a radiation of technology covering the entire spectrum from x-rays to hard light. All around them, the local space continuum swirls around and shines. In reality, Avatars do not need to move in order to hunt but their machines and systems are faster than humans ever could be...


Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.


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    A Great Centerpiece

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 14th 2016

    Even if you never play the Avatar or the Combined Army, the model alone is very nice to paint/build/customize to your liking. Then again if your like me, this model will get you to start building a Combined force yourself. I'm just going to get the E.I. Aspect/batriods/Umbra/drones/worms for my force and see where I'll go from there.

    Overview: Best price for the model that you can find. Not even ebay beats this price. Sculpt looks great in my opinion. The amount of points this costs in game might deter most people from picking it up. 30.52$ is alot for one model and you need to build a list around it. However, if you like the rules/look/faction or just want something different/unique to build/paint this might be for you.

    As my title says, it is a great centerpiece if you never intend to use in an Infinity match.