Hordes: Skorne - Immortal Vessel Solo

Hordes: Skorne - Immortal Vessel Solo

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Following the unconventional path laid by Zaal, the Ancestral Advocate, the extoller caste has redefined its destiny, and now its most esteemed members no longer fear the Void. Some whose service to Zaal has been exemplary are allowed to transcend death to become immortal vessels, a stature below the full exalted yet preserved for eternity in stone. These vessels serve as conduits for the mortitheurgical power of warlocks and can guide destructive magics to smite those marked for death by the ancestors.

The Immortal Vessel provides any Skorne warlock a cheap and durable solo that can channel spells across the battlefield, as well as increase the accuracy at which offensive spells hit their foes. This makes the Immortal Vessel an excellent match with casters such as Lord Tyrant Hexeris (PIP 74091) and Supreme Aptimus Zaal (PIP 74021).


Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.