HEXplore It: Return to the Domain of Mirza Noctis (PREORDER)

HEXplore It: Return to the Domain of Mirza Noctis (PREORDER)

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Expected release date is Jul 1st 2022 - Image, contents, and release date are subject to change without notice.

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Volume IV Expansion in the HEXplore It series:

Continue your adventure in the darking lands of Krasvetelia. Much of the content in this box requires the use of the Domain of Mirza Noctis Core box.

Noctis has ascended.

Glimpse into a future timeline, heroes of Krasvetelia. The Blood Lord has successfully ascended and now stands against immeasurably powerful horrors that have pierced this reality through a hellish portal called the Breach. Create powerful heroes to help him stave off the world’s annihilation!

Expand your hero library with new Roles, Races, Keepsakes, & Blood Magic. Add dozens of cards to your Core game decks, gain Legendary Allies & Items, and play the game in an entirely new way.

Will you help Noctis close the Breach?