Hard City

Hard City

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Hard City is a "one vs All" tactical adventure miniature game in a "classic 1980s movie" setting. One player takes the role of the evil mastermind Doctor Zero, while all the other players become brave Officers of the Hard City Police Department. The neon lit streets are crowded with hordes of mutants, controlled by the evil Doctor Zero. In order to get out of this clash, players will have to work together to rescue as many citizens as possible, aiming to upset Doctor Zero’s wicked plans. They will be using the unique abilities of their characters to counter the bloodthirsty mutants’ attacks.

Created by Marek Raczyński and Adam Kwapiński (designer of Nemesis and Lords of Hellas), Hard City is a boardgame that offers the players an action and cinematic game experience, with high quality components and exciting gameplay as well as with fully cooperative and solo rules available.


  • 26 mutant miniatures
  • 4 Police Officer miniatures
  • 18 cutscene cards
  • 5 episode sheets
  • 3 custom engraved dice
  • 3 double-sided game board pieces
  • 24 skill cards
  • 72 chaos cards
  • 36 equipment cards
  • 5 car and truck tokens
  • 18 other cards and sheets
  • over 100 other cardboard components