Godtear: Jaak, the Dubious Alchemist & Cauldron Cronies (PREORDER)

Godtear: Jaak, the Dubious Alchemist & Cauldron Cronies (PREORDER)

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Trouble is brewing with Jaak, the Dubious Alchemist

Strange Jaak’s potioncraft is famous throughout the land. He wanders from town to town, bringing unusual brews with legendary healing powers. Wherever Jaak goes, his Cauldron Cronies are there to keep his knapsack stocked with weird and wonderful ingredients.

Potent potions, intoxicating elixirs, clever concoctions… this Guardian champion can brew it all. He specialises in healing draughts to keep friendly champions and followers in tip-top condition.

In fact, Jaak’s the only champion in Godtear who can heal other champions. If you’re floundering in fights, with champions getting knocked out left, right, and centre, Jaak’s the goblin for you!

But it’s not such good news for Jaak’s enemies. While he’s healing allies, his Cauldron Cronies followers are busy causing mayhem on the battlefield. So supportive are the Cronies, they can even plant Jaak’s banner for him!

Inside this box is everything you need to bring the Guardian champion Jaak, the Dubious Alchemist and his Cauldron Cronies to the tabletop. Use this expansion with any Godtear starter set for a ready-to-go warband.



  • The only champion in the game able to heal friendly champions
  • Created for Godtear, the hex-based miniatures game of godlike battles
  • Combo Jaak with any two Godtear champions to create your custom warband
  • 7 preassembled miniatures coloured blue for the Guardian class


  • 1 Jaak Miniature
  • 5 Cauldron Crony Miniatures
  • 1 Jaak’s Banner Miniature
  • 3 Profile Cards