Flesh & Blood TCG: Tales of Aria Blitz Deck (Set of 3)

Flesh & Blood TCG: Tales of Aria Blitz Deck (Set of 3)

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The protectors of Isenloft awaken from their endless winter slumber. The wardens of Candlehold sharpen their thorns within the blossoming undergrowth. The prophets of Volthaven set their sights on a future painted by great aurora.

Ready-to-play out of the box, Tales of Aria Blitz Decks are crafted as an introduction product to Flesh & Blood and perfect for kitchen table gaming. Each Blitz Deck includes a rainbow foil hero card, a beautiful addition to the collection of new and experienced players alike.


  • 1 Oldhim Blitz Deck
  • 1 Lexi Blitz Deck
  • 1 Briar Blitz Deck


40 card pre-constructed deck + hero, weapon and equipment cards. Designed for fun fast game play. Ideal for new players and kitchen table gaming.