Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Commonwealth Expansion

Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Commonwealth Expansion

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War Never Changes. Welcome to the Commonwealth, the largest expansion yet for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare! It’s packed with new rules, cards, guides, and scenarios to bring more factions and units to your tabletop. Look out for the Commonwealth wave miniatures sets, available separately! The Commonwealth spans the rolling hills and scorched forests of the north to the broken coast and its rusting industry in the east. It sweeps through the decaying urban sprawl of Boston and out into the irradiated wasteland of the glowing sea. The Commonwealth is home to a wide variety of groups, new factions, and additions to existing factions. Access to the rules, dice, and material found in the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Two-Player Starter Set is necessary to make full use of this expansion.

Contents: This expansion contains new rules for clashes within the Commonwealth, 171 punch-out cards, and an array of new scenarios both linked and standalone featuring the denizens of this varied area. Also included are strategy guides and painting guides to help you get your models ready for battle in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout. This expansion includes: A 65-page booklet with rules for expanding your wasteland denizens, including the Children of the Atom, the Gunners, the Railroad, new Creatures, and the Super Mutant’s terrifying Behemoth, Swan.

171 new cards: 35 unit and 33 AI cards 1 equipment card 16 leader cards 5 mod cards 17 perk cards 3 power armor cards 14 quest cards 5 reference cards 42 weapon cards Painting guides for Survivors, the Brotherhood of Steel, and Super Mutants. A gallery of painted models featuring every release in the Commonwealth wave.

Scenarios for playing in the Commonwealth. Rules for Wasteland Warfare terrain. Unique region rules for locations within the Commonwealth. Strategy guides for playing numerous Wasteland Warfare factions.