Fallout: The Board Game (On Sale) (Add to cart to see price)

Fallout: The Board Game (On Sale) (Add to cart to see price)

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Please Stand By! The Great War of 2077 is so long past there's no place in your memory for its events, but the barren landscape before you has its own story to tell. Immaculate homes which once housed seemingly perfect families and busied Mr. Handys have been transformed into empty shells. Humans wander the wasteland among mutated creatures and rogue robots, in search of little more than survival. You are now among them. Sure, this world might be a mere shadow of its former glory, but plenty of adventure and mystery still await a brave traveler. And your adventure has only just begun in Fallout, a post-nuclear adventure board game based on Bethesda's blockbuster video game series! Welcome home!

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  • 4
    Overall good experience

    Posted by J on Mar 11th 2018

    Fun game focusing on questing. Great for 2-3 players. Lots of reasons to replay. Need at least one good/quick math person. Expect a lengthy game time (1 hour + 30mins/player).

  • 5
    Faithful to the video games

    Posted by Brian Bunton on Jan 24th 2018

    This was my first "involved" board game and I think it's great. It's quite replayable. Every time we've played it, though, the ending is abrupt, with quests left unfinished, so we just kept playing beyond the win conditions.

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    Okay, but drones on

    Posted by Shanna on Jan 14th 2018

    I've played this game roughly a dozen times now, both 1 player and 2 player. I can honestly say, after having played it, I wouldn't have purchased it. It is interesting at first, but difficult to win and after a certain point in game play (roughly the 2-3 hour mark), you are at the point where you just want it to be over. Even with the different scenarios, several quests and encounters repeat and it tends to drone on after a while. My partner, who is a fan of the video games, feels the same way, though he does say that it mimics the video game play well in that aspect.

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    Fallout Board Game

    Posted by Joshua Hertzog on Jan 13th 2018

    Had a lot of fun playing this 2-player on two of the four campaigns so far. The rules were easy enough to learn but I wouldn't recommend it to my non-board gaming friends besides the hardcore Fallout fans. Definitely would like to see some expansions for this!

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    Fallout board game

    Posted by Theo on Jan 12th 2018

    Easy enough to learn to play and a lot of fun. Even played it solo a few times while watching TV. Hoping there will be some expansions with other factions from 3/4.

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    Great narrative and fun design

    Posted by Sean Morgan on Jan 11th 2018

    This game was entertaining from the start. I played the first round in single player mode and was thoroughly e entertained. I played it aga8n with a friend when it was great. I really like how the mission design is. It creates a story as you go. It had a choose your own adventure feel. I highly recommend this game if you like story driven role-playing experiences. It was just like the video game. It had the same feel and kept me entertained the whole time. Great replay value as well.

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    Fallout: The Board Game

    Posted by Tzeneth on Dec 29th 2017

    The game is interesting and fun with exploration. I have played all 4 scenarios and I can see how certain things repeat and some quests never seem to come up or would probably never be finished before they could come up (I'm looking at you Wasteland Survival Guide).

    The base rules are understandable with some contradictions that lead to weird results when you look at the learn to play book and the actual rules reference. The worst of the 4 scenarios is the Far Harbor scenario. There are so many questions about the rules that we had to make up half of them on the spot or try to find some kind of FAQ (which doesn't exist). I found the Capital Wasteland and Commonwealth scenarios to be much better in play, balance, and map design.

    Overall an enjoyable experience where you play a bit with others but it's more about the stories you tell as each player goes their own way.

  • 5
    Absolutely Stunning!

    Posted by Alex Nares on Dec 10th 2017

    I absolutely LOVE this board game! The production value is very high and it's amazing how much thought and effort went into creating this game. There are 159 random events/quests which unfold in different directions based on your decisions. Can play solo, or with friends (which I recommend). The only thing I can "ding" it on, is that sometimes it's very hard to win. It is possible for "the game" to win against the players. I went ahead and changed some of the rules, to make my own "house rules" and improve the quality of the game. But overall, very well done! There are 4 different scenarios that you can start off, and the maps are mostly randomly generated so it's never exactly the same every time you play. I would love to see expansion packs that introduce more characters, perks, items, and quests. Maybe a New Vegas theme or zombie theme? Excellent game, 5-stars, I highly recommend it.

  • 5

    Posted by Tom on Dec 8th 2017

    Game play is amazing. Make sure you thoroughly read the rules before you play! Fallout does take some time to fully understand how all the mechanics work due to the size of the game. Pretty straight forward once you know how to play. I've played 2 games so far and it takes about 3 hours unless your playing solo. Great game for fallout fans or rpg fans. Wouldn't recommend to a casual gamer