Exploding Kittens: Zombie Kittens Expansion (PREORDER)

Exploding Kittens: Zombie Kittens Expansion (PREORDER)

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Expected release date is Aug 19th 2022 - Image, contents, and release date are subject to change without notice.

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A card game where you explode and then come back to life. And then maybe explode again.

Give “nine lives” a whole new meaning. In Zombie Kittens, exploding just means you’ll have a chance to rise from the grave and take your revenge. Bring back your friends (and enemies) in this undead spin on your favorite Russian Roulette style kitten card game.

- Play with up to 5 players or combine with any other version of Exploding Kittens to unlock new ways to play.
- Play cards from the grave - if you explode you can still play while you’re dead!
- The new special Zombie Kitten card gives you the power to bring dead players back into the game.
- An undead twist on the original Exploding Kittens that keeps every player involved in the game, dead or alive, until the very end. The last player alive wins.
- Play Zombie Kittens on its own or combine with Exploding Kittens to unlock a mega game.
- Family friendly party game with hilarious illustrations by the Oatmeal.