Energy Volley Gogeta P-134 PR

Energy Volley Gogeta P-134 PR

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Rarity: Promo 

Number: P-134 

Description: [Double Strike] (This card inflicts 2 damage instead of 1 when attacking.)
[EX-Evolve] (R)(R)(R): "Veku : Br" with an energy cost of 3. (Play this card on top of the specified card.)
[Auto] When a card evolves into this card, your opponent reveals their hand. Choose up to 1 Battle Card with 35000 power or less from it and place it in your opponent's Drop Area. 

Card Type: Battle 

Color: Red 

Energy(Color Cost): 5(RR) 

Special Trait: Saiyan 

Power: 25000 

Combo Power: 5000 

Combo Energy: 0 

Era: DBS: Broly Saga 

Character: Gogeta: Br