Deadly Dinner: The Last Rose (PREORDER)

Deadly Dinner: The Last Rose (PREORDER)

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Electrifying attraction, breathtaking dates and true love: Every week, the dating show "The One" delivers a TV firework of emotions to millions of viewers. But behind the scenes of the dating empire, the real drama take place. Treason, intrigue and resentment are the order of the day. When one of the final candidates is found dead, the facade of the million-dollar show threatens to crumble in public. What enemies did TV beauty Cheyenne make after filming ended?

Deadly Dinner: The Last Rose, is a classical murder mystery game for five to seven players. Played over three rounds, players receive evolving information about the sequence of events, in addition to secret objects found in envelopes in the game box. Players will discuss their information and clues in order to identify the culprit and solve the mystery. The included blueprint and character standees allow players to keep track of who was where when the crime was committed.


  • 7 Character books
  • 7 Invitation cards
  • 7 Notes in envelopes
  • 8 Character standees & 7 Place cards
  • 2 Gameboards
  • 1 Rulebook (English)