Deadly Dinner: Red Carpet in Ruins (PREORDER)

Deadly Dinner: Red Carpet in Ruins (PREORDER)

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Hollywood 1959: The unexpected happens at the set for the highly anticipated romantic comedy "The Legionnaire Who Loved Me"! At the end of a day’s shoot, Hollywood heart-throb and superstar Henry Steward is found dead in his trailer, lying in his own blood next to his Oscar statuette. Shocked by the gruesome murder, the cast and crew are now trying to find the culprit. Despite all the glitter and glamour, one thing is clear: the murderer is one of them!

Deadly Dinner: Red Carpet in Ruins is a classical murder mystery game for six to eight players. Played over three rounds, players receive evolving information about the sequence of events, in addition to secret objects found in envelopes in the game box. Players will discuss their information and clues in order to identify the culprit and solve the mystery. The included blueprint and character standees allow players to keep track of who was where when the crime was committed.


  • 8 Character books
  • 8 Invitation cards
  • 8 Notes in envelopes
  • 9 Character standees & 8 Place cards
  • 1 Gameboard
  • 1 Rulebook (English)