DC Dice Masters: Justice Campaign Box

DC Dice Masters: Justice Campaign Box

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Justice features iconic characters from the Justice League and Legion of Doom like Superman, Wonder Woman, Metallo, Lex Luthor, and more! With multiple versions of each, select the one that fits your team the best!

Players can pit the Justice League against the Legion of Doom or mix them together. Whether players are interested in a game or two between comics or building the perfect team, this is a release that can't be missed!

A Campaign Box is fixed content in a large box, and has everything 2 players need to start playing Dice Masters like Sidekick dice, Basic Action Dice, rules, and dice bags.


  • 48 Character Dice
  • 16 Sidekick Dice
  • 12 Basic Action Dice
  • 63 Character Cards
  • 10 Basic Action Cards
  • 4 Reminder Cards
  • 1 Core Rulebook
  • 2 Paper Playmats
  • 2 Dice Bags
  • 2 Dice Storage Trays