Dark Souls RPG: Captains & Warriors (PREORDER)

Dark Souls RPG: Captains & Warriors (PREORDER)

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Confront a deadly Alonne Knight Captain and brutish Ironclad Warrior with this DARK SOULS™ miniatures box!

Alonne Knights are famed for their prowess in battle, but only the most capable rise to the rank of Captain. The Ironclad Soldier doesn’t enjoy the same renown, as few survive a swing from its almighty mace to tell the tale.

Bring your next roleplaying session to life — or death — with The Steadfast & The Hollow miniature box, created for DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game.

Inside this box is everything you need to add a renowned Alonne Knight Captain and doughty Ironclad Warrior to your campaigns, including 2 highly detailed minis and 2 stat cards. All miniatures from this range are 5e-compatible, and ready to add to any roleplaying campaign right from the box.

Do you dare challenge the Captains & Warriors?


• 2 detailed minis per pack

• Enhance your roleplaying campaigns
• 5e-compatible
• Engage with the DARK SOULS™ combat system in full
• Paint your minis to recreate the DARK SOULS™ universe on your tabletop
• Compatible with any tabletop roleplaying game
• Character sheets available via the Steamforged Games website


  • 1 Alonne Knight Captain
  • 1 Ironclad Warrior
  • 2 Double-sided stat cards